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The IQBoard PS has been a great success in classrooms since 2009. The latest version is the IQBoard IR which has a number of upgrades to include multi touch. Not only is it one of the least expensive Interactive Whiteboards but many feel that it is among the best. Full details can be seen at the IQBoard website from the link below.


Review of IQBOARD 21st January 2010 by Simon Lewis

“It promised me three criteria – one you can use a magic pen with it, two you can use your finger or any other pointy device on it and three you can use a dry wipe marker on it.”

“It is an excellent board.  It’s sturdy, accurate and has everything I could ever want with an IWB.”

” Best value I’ve seen for a short-throw solution of this quality”.

The IQBoard is 1 of only 6 products to get 5 Stars. It is €250 less expensive than its nearest competitor.

Use IQBoard, Be Smarter

IQBoard PS Interactive Whiteboard

IQBoard is touch sensitive premium board is probably the best board on the market. Dry Wipe markers can be used and the accuracy of control is leading edge. The software outperforms many of the leading boards.

Because of the leading technology and quality of the Interactive Whiteboard together with great software and very keen pricing we expect this board to challenge the market leaders in Ireland. To initially get our boards into schools we are starting with a massive giveaway.

You may download a trial version the excellent IQBoard Software and resource library below which comes free with the IQBoard PS and the IQBoard IT. See the IQBoard Software comparison sheet to see how this software outperforms its peers.

PDF Details on IQBoard click here

IQBoard Software

IQBoard Resource Library

IQBoard Software Comparison

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