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Audio Visual is becoming an essential part of education today.

At Media Scene we have our opinions on what is the best way to go. However, this does not mean that it is the right way for your school because of many different factors such as budget, personal preference, previous training in the school, classroom layout and many other factors. As a result, we do not stick to 1 manufacturer or product but rather give you the choice of what is best in your circumstance.

Interactive Whiteboards

We have already provided schools with 9 different brands for Interactive solutions since September 2009. This shows the varying needs, requirements, opinions and budgets of the various schools. We respect these opinions and will continue to provide the solution that schools want at the best price and with the highest standards.

However, from January we will have a vested interest to promote IQBoard. Up to this point we believe that TEAMBOARD has been the best board available. It is excellent and has been better due mainly to the fact that it can be used with the finger as well as the pen and you can use standard dry wipe markers.

IQBoard has ALL the benefits of the TEAMBOARD and more. The software is much better and the price is lower than any true interactive whiteboard available in Ireland today. 


We guarantee that if you receive any genuine quote for an Interactive Whiteboard from a known supplier lower than our IQBoard prices we will beat it and then give you our own cheque for ?50 per Whiteboard system you are purchasing. (This is for true Interactive Whiteboards and not devices such as ebeam, Mimio and ONfinity).

With the launch of IQBoard in January 2010 we feel this will be the most advanced Interactive Whiteboard in Ireland and yet at a price we guarantee will beat all.

The lowest cost to get an interactive whiteboard set up is with a projection system such as ONfinity or e-beam which can be available at ?795 + VAT which still gives change out of ?1000 inclusive. These do not have the same facilities as IQBoard but are very low cost if you already have a data projector and standard Whiteboard.


Data Projectors

Data projectors vary greatly in price dependant on quality, specifications and warranty. We would recommend the Epson range as they are good quality, are reasonably price and come with the best warranty of any projector at the price and you even have the option of a free lamp or lamp warranty for educational orders.

When you purchase promethean with the boom arm you get a Sanyo projector which is 1.4m from the board. This is the excellent Sanyo WXL46 and comes with a 3 year de-install / reinstall warranty.

Also with interactive Whiteboards a short throw projector is an advantage as projectors are very bright when you need to be looking at them. The BenQ 522ST is the lowest cost short throw projector by some margin.

For the Shortest throw possible choose the Sanyo xl50 which can be as close as 10cm from the board.


Other Interactive Tools

Interactive Slates

Few schools use slates which can allow the teacher to control the Interactive whiteboard wirelessly from any area in the Classrom. These can often also be a low cost entry into the Interactive Whiteboard technology area. These boards often work as a stand alone meaning that the class simply needs to have the slate and a data projector connected to the computer to allow complete control. Slates can also be handed around the class to allow interactivity and input from the students.

The new IQBoard IT is likely to advance this technology in Ireland with a groundbreaking cost of only ?185 + VAT


Classroom Response Systems (Voting Systems)

Voting systems have huge benefits but very often at a high cost. eInstruction, who do the Interwrite Interactive Whiteboard, do a reasonably priced system which is the only one we have currently highlighted.

Interactive Whiteboards allow the teacher to give the class a much more visual learning experience. However classroom interaction and feedback in conjunction with the Interactive Whiteboard allow the teacher to assess both the effectiveness of their own teaching and also how each individual student is doing in each area of every subject where they are used.

For Example: During a class the teacher sets a number of questions and the students each press on their individual keypads to give their answer. Each keypad has a number which corresponds to the student using it. When the response comes in the results are instant.

Scenario 1: 90% of the class gets the question correct. This tells the teacher that they have explained well and the class has been paying attention and learnt what has been taught. The teacher (and not the rest of the class) sees who got the question wrong and can quietly help them individually.

Scenario 2: 40% of the class gets the quastion correct. This tells the teacher that they either need to clarify their point more clearly or get the class to pay more attention.

All these results in each subject for every student can be kept and when the parent asks how their son or daughter is doing the teacher can tell them exactly by showing their response over the term or year and where improvement or otherwise is occuring. This kind of individual attention has never before been possible in anything but very small classes.


Other Expenses to keep in mind when installing Interactivity

Labour is typically about ?500 + VAT per day for qualified and experienced technicians. Dependant on location, type of room and type of installation the technician would normally get 2 boards done in a day and so ordering boards in 2s will halve your labour cost. With old buildings and high ceilings the technicians may only install 1 per day. However with wall mounted short throw units 3 may be possible.

Ceiling or Wall mounts cost about ?120 + VAT and cables and other materials another ?100 + VAT.

With these figures you can get a good idea of what the system is going to cost by putting together your chosen hardware and adding labour and other materials.

Always give us a ring on 01-2828833 or 087-2576094 or email for an exact quote and other information.