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Media Scene Technology Provide Epsons Managed Print Services (MPS)

We recognise in today’s world that many schools, businesses and local government institutions are looking at ways to cut the costs of printing, and at the same time improve efficiency. Media Scene are promoting the Epson MPS as the lowest cost and easiest system to administer for schools. For further details on pricing etc. click this link

Epson’s MPS provide your school with the key benefit of control and management of your printing devices. MPS changes the way you purchase print from buying toner to buying printed pages, making it easier to monitor usage and requirements.

Printing Options for Schools

All methods of printing have their advantages, however there are several disadvantages on all systems that are rectified with the Epson MPS and Workforce PRO Printers.

The main choices in schools are Inkjet printers, Laser printers and Central Colour photocopiers.

Some drawbacks of the various methods are below:-

Colour Inkjet Printers

– inkjets can be slow especially for colour prints and  aren’t designed for high volume printing.

– normally very expensive for ink Cartridges

– often break down due to their low cost construction

– models change regularly leading to expensive wasted toner on superceded models

– Constant sourcing, purchasing and payment of new printers and consumeables

– Prints emerge from the printer slightly wet and may need time to dry.

Colour Laser Printers

–  low cost laser printers have high consumeable costs

– high cost laser printers have a high cost per page in the initial price

– Laser printers are larger and heavier as they need to contain the imaging drum and laser technology.

– Laser printers need to heat up and often take a long time to print the first page

– Although they are generally less expensive and more reliable than the Inkjets the running costs are still high. Also there is a very high cost to the consumeables that are left over when the printer comes to the end of its working life.

Colour Photocopiers

– Very high initial cost often exceeding €5,000 or a high monthly charge often of €180 or higher which requires very high print volumes to justify.

– Due to the high cost and high volumes required to make these pay these need to be located centrally meaning a great amount of expensive down time collecting prints. Further waste of time when initial prints are incorrect and need to be re-printed.

Print Management Services from Epson ticks all the boxes in terms of output volume, personalised requirements, initial and running costs, management and maintenance.


What we have discovered is that for many schools, print is an unmanaged cost, yet the potential for savings is significant.

Epson’s Print Management Service package can include:
• Spreading the cost of hardware, supplies and service over your contract period
• Monthly ‘click-charge’ service, which means you only pay for what you print
• Automatic supply of consumables when required
• Consolidated invoicing and management reporting


• Fixed cost per page and choice

• One or three year contract period with three month notice period of termination

• No minimum or maximum print volumes; you only pay for what you print – for example if the printer is used less over a holiday period then the charge is reduced accordingly.

• You can either purchase the printer or pay monthly over the period of your contract and also the Epson Managed Print Services

• Highly Competitive pricing (Fair usage policy applies)


• Automated toner / ink delivery direct to the printer – cuts the cost of holding toners.

It ensures the right consumables are available, for the right printers, at the right time

• For manual requests (for lost or faulty consumables), on-site delivery will arrive within two business days.


• On-site intervention or on-site repair within the next business day

• Monthly activity reports

• Free technical support for Ireland


• Monthly activity reports for each Epson MPS account

• Monthly invoice provided

Together with Epson we provide

• The management of the printer page data

• The buying back of old printers and their disposal subject to terms and conditions

• The next business day on-site service if the printer breaks down

• The shipment of toner direct to the printer location (even if the printers are in various locations or a different part of the country)

• Providing a printer usage breakdown report that details all the printers on the programme, on a monthly basis

• Setting up a simple monthly direct debit

• The support of a three year on-site warranty (providing the warranty has been included)

• Dedicated support of the Help desk five days/week




Key Benefits to you of our Print Managed Services

Finance benefits
• Savings in administration time and costs with automatic toner delivery and consolidated invoicing
• Reduced capital costs as you only pay for toner as and when used
• Increased control – costs more visible making budgeting easier and identifying potential areas for further cost savings
• Overall print cost savings by maximising your print efficiency

User benefits
– Replacement toner automatically sent when toner is low, avoiding printer down-time

– No toner wastage as you don’t purchase the toner you only pay when the toner is actually used.
– Printer optimised to specific requirements

– Minimum printer down-time with on-site service throughout the contract duration
– High quality print output with Epson laser printers and genuine Epson toner


You can try out the Epson MPS by using only 1 printer to start with and expand as you see the benefits.

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