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IQBoard Drivers and Manuals

Here are a list of the latest drivers and manuals for the IQBoard PS Interactive Whiteboard. Please contact us if the item you require is not here.

Here is a brief outline of troubleshooting issues with the IQBoard in PDF Format

Below are some troubleshooting videos:-

Click here for a link to a video outlining the install and uninstall of the IQBoard PS Drivers

Click here for a link to a video outlining how to determine most IQBoard System issues

Click here for a link to a video outlining how to determine what is causing a poor or non existent projector image on the IQBoard

Click here for a link to a video outlining how to determine a lack of touch sensitivity


You will need winrar to open these files. If you do not already have it you can download it for free at:-

If you are loading the IQBoard software to an IQBoard PS, PS+ or PS+ Wireless we suggest you first load the IQBoard Software Version 5.0 and the IQBoard Library Version 5.0 from the links below and then the IQBoard PS Drivers V 7.0 below.

At various times Windows may warn you that this is not a common or trusted file. Choose to install anyway.

The Sanyo XL50, XL51 and WXL-46 projectors all have filters which need regular cleaning. Once cleaned the filter counter needs to be reset in order to turn off the filter warning light. See maintenance sheet for your projector for instructions on how to carry this out. This same sheet shows you how to change the lamp should that be necessary.

To install the IQBoard software for the PS Board download the latest software version 5.0 and the resource library version 5.0 below along with the appropriate drivers. It is adviseable to go into screensaver and power settings and set everything to never. Also disable UAC (User access control). Load the IQBoard Software and when asked to restart select later and wait for software to finish loading. Then load the resource library and restart the computer. Then start the driver install and plug in the USB cable to the IQBoard only when it is asked for. You may be asked to load another driver. Do this and again select restart later. When all software is loaded restart the PC and give it 2 minutes once PC restarts and all should be well.

The IQBoard has a gesture recognition facility which is enabled by default. We would disable this as many people find it easier without it. To disable go to all programs – IQBoard IT and PS Drivers and then touch recognition. If there is a tick in the box in the top left hand corner this needs to be unticked and saved.

If you have the IQBoard PS+ with Hard Hotkeys these are automatically enabled when you load the drivers and software. The soft hotkeys on the board of the standard IQBoard PS need to enabled. To do this go to all programs – IQBoard ET and PS Drivers and then hotkeys and enable here.

Call us with any queries.

Drivers (for Windows)

Product Version OS Download
IQBoard PS V7.0  All windows to Win 10 updated 16-10-16 click
IQBoard IT  
Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 64 bit  
IQBoard IR Windows 7, 8 and 10 updated 11-12-2017 Click

 IQBoard IT Windows 7 32 Bit Drivers

Drivers (for Mac)

Product Version OS Download
IQBoard PS V6.0 Mac 10.x click

Drivers (for Linux)

Product Version OS Download
IQBoard PS V6.0 Redhat Linux click


Name Version OS Download
IQBoard Library V5.0 Windows 7,8,10 click
IQBoard Software V5.2 All Windows click
IQBoard MAC Software click

User Manuals

Product Version OS Download
IQBoard PS V7.0 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
IQBoard IT V3.0 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
IQBoard LT V5.0 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
IQBoard UI V4.3 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
IQBoard MI V4.3 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
IQBoard Software V4.6 Windows XP/2003/Vista click
Sanyo XL50,51 Maintenance Sheet click
Sanyo WXL-46 Maintenance Sheet click
Sanyo DXL2000 Maintenance Sheet click
Sanyo XL50,51 Full User Manual click
Sanyo WXL-46 Full User Manual click
Sanyo DXL2000 Full User Manual click

Sanyo DWL2500   Full User Manual                            click


IQBoard PS

IQBoard LT

IQBoard IR

IQBoard IR Manual

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Firmware 108

Firmware 113


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