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Click  the  links below for a variety of prices and specifications of Visualisers or watch the video to see a choice of 3 visualisers




You can compare the Visualisers for your preferences or call us on 01-2755800.

The most popular visualisers for primary schools are the IQView which is exceptional value at only €235 and the very popular Lumens DC125 at €342.

If you require a high quality Visualiser to connect direct to the projector and give an A3 image then the Elmo L12 is the best option at a cost of €785. This is ideal for secondary schools for use in tech graphics. The IQView E3511 will perform to a similar standard to the Elmo but at a better cost.

The IQView E6510 now has an 8 Megapixel camera and is ONLY €235 inclusive of VAT.

The IQView E3511 has the option of working independently from the laptop with built in software and a memory card slot for recording. It is possible the best value option for technical graphics at €490 inclusive of VAT.

Click any of the Images below for further details of these Visualisers.






Elmo L1ex Visualiser

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