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LapCabby is the smart solution for keeping your tech charged, synced, and in one secure place. Developed over two decades with the help of teachers and customers, we’ve included some really ingenious features so our trolleys do everything you need them to – and a little more besides. Each trolley comes with its own charging unit. The trollies are suitable for most laptops up to 19″.

Click the link below to get full PDF information on the size of trolley you requireLabcabby 16V

LapCabby 10V 10 Laptop Trolley

LapCabby 16V 16 Laptop Trolley

LapCabby 20V 20 Laptop Trolley

LapCabby 32H 32 laptop Trolley


LabCabby Model Capacity Price
LapCabby 10V 10 Laptops €1054 + VAT
LapCabby 16V 16 laptops €1295 + VAT
LapCabby 20V 20 Laptops €1492 + VAT
LapCabby 32H 32 Laptops €2638 + VAT


Cost exclude VAT at 23% and delivery.


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