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Total costs for Epson Managed Print

The cost per page will vary depending on the amount of colour pages printed and also the number of printers in the school.

Before the Epson MPS the cheapest way to print used to be with a colour Laser printer. The problems here is the huge initial cost (or large monthly cost), and the large volume required to make it pay. This usually means the the colour laser printer needs to be centrally located in the building leading to a large degree of inconvenience and wasted time.

Despite its inconvenience the colour laser printer is still cheaper than the Laser or normal Inkjet options and so we will compare costs here.

Schools vary in size and so we will compare an average 6 classroom school with 25 pupils per room. Each child will print an average of 2 pages per day for 20 days a month and for 8 months a year. This is a total of 8,000 pages per classroom per year. There is no charge during the vacant holiday months (apart from the €10 printer purchase payment). This is a total of 48,000 pages per year.

Cost per page is based on the Colour Photocopier costing €180 per month for purchase or contract along with 0.5c for mono printing and 5c for colour printing. Cost is based on 1 Colour copier in central location or 6 Epson Workforce Printers (1 for each classroom)

Estimate A based on 1 in 12 pages being in colour

Purchase/contract Printing Total Total Cost
cost per year Cost Cost c per Page
Colour Photocopier €2,160 €413 €2,573 5.36c
Workforce PRO 4515DN €720 €1,229 €1,949 4.06c

Estimate B based on 1 in 3 pages being in Colour

Purchase/contract Printing Total Total Cost
cost per year Cost Cost c per Page
Colour Photocopier €2,160 €975 €3,135 6.53c
Workforce PRO 4515DN €720 €2,103 €2,823 5.88c

The cost difference is greater in favour of the Epson Workforce for smaller numbers of pupils than 150. The price per page is even lower for larger schools and colleges. All prices exclude VAT at 23%.

We would be delighted to quote you on your requirements. Email us at or phone 01-2755800

Tell us the number of printers required, expected number of pages to be printed in Mono and expected number in colour.

You will be delighted with both the cost saving and the easier administration.

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